Transform your company vehicle, car or truck into a mobile billboard using custom vehicle wraps in Collingwood Ontario. Vehicle wraps provide the highest ROI compared with other advertising efforts, as they have the ability to market your business 24/7. Whether your vehicle is parked or driving, you’ll catch the eye of passersby, and they’ll remember your name and brand’s name and logo

Full Vehicle wrap

These ensure maximum brand visibility and allow you to have multiple messages on your vehicle. You can showcase different products and services, and highlight your brand’s unique selling proposition.

Partial Vehicle wrap

Also known as half wraps, these are great way to get your business logo and strategic messaging out without the cost of a full vinyl car wraps. They create a moving brand touchpoint and can include your logo, images, contact information, and/or some messaging, depending on your objective.

Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

Vinyl graphics in Collingwood are great for brand visibility and for promoting your phone number, website, and services to passersby. The right wrap shop in Collingwood will ensure that your messaging is clear, easy to read, and incorporates eye-catching lettering and graphics.